All about anti-waste shampoo

All about anti-waste shampoo

Get the most out of the deep cleansing shampoo in time to wash your hair!

There are people who are addicted, there are people who prefer to pass away, but one thing is certain: everyone has heard of him. The deep Cleansing shampoo,or anti-waste shampoo, is the one with the greatest detergent power, removing any remnants of oiliness, pollution, finalizers and even the chlorine of the wires.

When to use?

Bet on it, at most, once a week or in specific cases:

  • On that day reserved to do your hydration treatment or hair repair
  • Before applying progressive brush, permanent afro and smoothing. In this case it is very important that it is the specific shampoo of chemistry, it can not be replaced by the one you already have at home.

Who can and who cant use it?

Use is allowed for almost all cases, with a few exceptions:

  • Soon after doing chemistry or staining: the transformations have a normalization time of pH in the scalp and the wires, which takes at least one week.
  • Children and teenagers: they have a different pH of the adult and the skin much more sensitive. Therefore, they should only use shampoo, conditioner andexclusively infant leave-in.
  • Who has mixed hair or oily (and here Falls the myth): Use deep Cleansing Shampoo To remove the oiliness is like covering the sun with a magnifying glass ? besides not solving the problem, still aggravate. Choose a line to balance the oiliness for this treatment.

When used in excess or without need, it can cause tenderness in the scalp, peeling (dandruff) and dryness in the wires. When used correctly, however, it can be your best ally in hair treatment.

With deep Cleansing Shampoo, you get a light, loose and healthy hair that doesnt "Vicia" in the treatment mask. Go deep!