Guide to treatment Rituals Kérastase

Guide to treatment Rituals Kérastase

Learn how to customize luxury treatments to have the result potentialized in your hair type!

Bathing, treating and texting the wires can go far beyond just a necessity to keep your hair up to date. These three steps, combined, have the potential to become a real pleasurable experience with the luxurious products of Kérastase: From High performance, with sophisticated textures and engaging fragrances. Thus, they become a ritual that improves self-esteem and makes every woman feel much more powerful.

As we know that personalized care is much better because they respect your individual need, we will teach you how to customize your beauty ritual to have extraordinary hair.


The first tip is for those who have thicker, thicker wires, or are suffering from intense damage or dryness. Before you even bathe your hair, bet on a nourishing, moisturizing or repairer oil to use as pre-shampoo.

You simply apply a few drops on the palms, rub them to activate the product, and spread through the hair in length and ends (never at the root).  Here, from 2 to 3 product pumps would be an average, but do not be afraid to exaggerate a bit in quantity, since you will wash the wires then.

Allow to act for at least 15 minutes, then go to the shower or wash basin. When using a pre-shampoo, your hair is already beginning to be restored before washing and is protected from the astringent action that the shampoo can have. If your hair is thin or does not need such intense treatment, you can start with the next step.

Now, yes, its time to bathe the wires with a specific shampoo for your type. The indicated quantity is the equivalent of a teaspoon, if your hair is short; Two teaspoons if they are medium; Or a tablespoon, for the long ones. Distribute the shampoo in the hands to then apply to the root of the wires and gently massage with the fingertips. Then take the shampoo already emulsified by the rest of the hair. Then just rinse thoroughly.

PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY TIP: Avoid rubbing the wires against each other, as this opens or even damages the hair cuticles, embargoes and can cause frizz. Just rub the wick, as if you were luding the hair in the root direction ? tips.

The next step of your ritual is to treat. To maximize treatment, if your hair has deep or lifeless damage, add about 2 oil pumps (it may be the same one you used as pre-shampoo) in the mask. This mixture will increase the concentration of restorers ingredients present in the product.

It should be applied only by the length and tips of the hair. Massage The Strand, luding the wires again. This movement helps the assets penetrate into the capillary fiber, in addition to keeping the cuticles closed and protected.

Typically, the amount of mask to be used is equivalent to the size of 1 hazelnut for short hair; 2 medium hazelnuts; and 1 walnut for long strands.

PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY TIP: before treating, it is important to remove excess water from the wires with a towel. Otherwise, you run the risk of diluting all the treatment that has been potentialized.

Lastly, finalize the Kérastase ritual with a leave-in to texturize the wires. Apply the equivalent amount to the size of 1 to 3 product pearls on the hands and spread by the length and ends of the damp wires. Dont rinse. You can let dry naturally, or use the dryer.

This luxury treatment can be done one to two times a week, depending on the need of your hair. In the remaining days, replace the use of the mask with the Kérastase conditioner for your wire type.