Leave-in guide and styling cream

Leave-in guide and styling cream

The secret to a hair protected from aggression, soft, luminous and without frizz is in this cosmetic that can not stay out of the routine of yarn care.

Leave-in and combing cream are as important to hair health as shampoo and conditioner. This is because they were created to protect the wires from the aggressions, such as the use of dryer and flat iron, exposure to sun and pollution and constant chemical processes, which cause damage to the structure of the fiber, such as breakage, fading of color, frizz and roughness.

In liquid or creamy form, the leave-in and styling creams form a protective barrier on the wires and should be used daily to ensure the sealing of the cuticles.

How to choose the leave-in and comb cream right for your hair?

Each type of hair asks for a leave-in texture and styling cream. Those who need more definition and discipline, such as hair with frizz, curly and Crespos, get along with the most bossy creams, made based on vegetable oils and butters, which nourish, give "weight" to the wires and control the rebels.

The thinner wires go well with the more liquid versions that usually come in sprays to facilitate the application and not leave the look heavy. They are also great for use with dry hair, mainly to redefine the shape in curly and wavy.

To take full advantage of the formula, learn, then, to apply the cosmetic properly.

1 ? Remove excess water

After washing and conditioning the hair, remove only excess water from the wires with the towel. Do not rub or twist the mechas: This causes the hair to be frizz and susceptible to breakage.

Check out the Shampoo and conditioner guide to learn how to make the most of your cosmetic.

2 ? Divide the hair

Separate the hair in 4 parts to ensure a uniform application of the leave-in and cream to comb through all the wires.

3 ? Distribute only in length and ends

As with other cosmetics, the amount of leave-in varies according to the length of hair. But it is also important to dose the product and apply gradually so that the wires do not look heavy.

Leave-in and cream combing cream:

? 1 to 2 tablespoons of coffee for short hair;
? 1 to 2 teaspoons for medium hair;
? 1 tablespoon for long and bulky hair

Leave-In and spray combing cream:

? Up to 3 sprites in short hair;
? from 4 to 5 borrifairies in medium hair;
? from 6 to 10 borrifairies in long and bulky hairs

Do not apply the leave-in and comb cream to the hair root. The oiliness produced in the scalp supplies the nutritional needs of this area of the wires, something that often does not happen in the remainder. Pay special attention to the tips, which is the most aged and fragile part in the capillary structure.

PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY TIP: If your hair has a lot of tendency to frizz and is desiccated, mix 2 to 3 hair oil drops to the leave-in and comb cream.

4 ? Spread well

In straight hair, use a wide or wooden toothed comb so that the wires are equally wrapped by the leave-in and styling cream. Already in curly, use your fingers to distribute the cosmetic and knead the mechs from bottom up or make fitagem to ensure definite and perfect curls.

5 ? Dry with protection

Let the hair dry naturally or, if you prefer, use the dryer. In this case, it is important that the leave-in and comb cream have thermal protection, or use an additional product with this function to avoid heat damage.

Curly, wavy and frizzy hair should be dried with the aid of the diffuser, since it distributes the hot air without making wind. This causes the wires to be more defined and without frizz.