Treatment Guide

Treatment Guide

Regain health and maintain hair vitality with care ranging from the inner part of the capillary cortex to the sealing of the cuticles covering the strands.

The treatments are indispensable to care for the background of hair health and ensure the hydration, nourishment and reconstruction that it needs. The daily aggressions, such as sun exposure, constant use of dryer and iron and chemical processes, leave the wires fragile, brittle, with frizz, opaque and harsh.

With formulas concentrated based on vitamins, proteins, antioxidants and fatty acids, the treatments assets penetrate the deeper layers of the capillary cortex and restore the damaged areas, retain hydration and ensure that the cuticles of the wires Always be sealed.

How often should the treatment be done?

If you feel that your hair is desiccated and without nutrients, the ideal is to make hydration and nourishment 2 times a week for 1 month until the hair regain health. After that, the maintenance indicated is every 1 week.

In the case of reconstruction, the frequency should be 1 time per week for 1 month for the wires to rescue the force, especially if you feel the wires fragile, brittle and after chemical processes such as smoothing, discolouration and relaxation. After this phase, keep the treatment 2 times a month until it is monthly.

1 ? Preparation

Wash your hair with shampoo from the same line of treatment. You can check out the Shampoo guide as you get the most out of the wash. Then remove the excess water with the towel delicately, without rubbing or twisting the mechas, not to break or embarrass the wires.

2 ? Application

If the cosmetic chosen is a pot, use a spatula to pick it up from inside the package. The ideal quantity will according to the length of the hair and may vary if it is more or less full-bodied. Check:

? ½ teaspoon for short yarns;
? 1 tablespoon shallow for medium wires;
? 1 tablespoon full for long, bulky yarns

Place the chosen treatment in the palm of your hands and spread the product between them. Evenly distribute by length at a distance of 4 to 5 fingers from the root, with special attention to the tips, which are the most fragile part in the hair. Use a comb to distribute evenly. Enluve the mechs to potentialize the penetration of the assets. If you prefer, use a fastener to hold the hair during the pause time.

PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY TIP: Never take the cosmetic from inside the pack with your hands. This increases the chances of product contamination, which causes its validity to decrease and its effect to be reduced.

3 ? Pause Time

Each treatment has a specific time to act on the hair and this can vary greatly from brand to brand. Read the label and follow this indication correctly. Exceeding this period does not guarantee that the product acts more intensely, on the contrary: it can leave the wires heavy.

4 ? Rinse

Remove the treatment with warm, cold water calmly and completely. The mild temperature is important to conserve the newly-made treatment, as heat from the hot water opens the cuticles and causes the wires to lose the reposed benefits.

Dont hurry: Let the water drain until it comes out crystal clear and without bubbles.
Complete with the conditioner to seal the cuticles and ensure the sensation of softness and extra shine to the wires. Check out the conditioner guide and see how to make the most of this hair care step.